It has been awhile to say the least since my last post. I hope to be posting in the near future. Keep tuned in for the latest common sense.


If I told you a few things about myself would you know who I am?

If I told you that I am for the following could you pick me out of a line up?

Socialized Health care
Organic food
Public School
Ban against smoking
Animal Rights
Minimum Wage
Pension System
Progressive Tax

Plus a few more to add but you will get the point. I challenge anybody to name who I could be. What party am I affiliated to? Who leads my party? I will suprise you with my answer in the comment section and will give more of an explantion in it as well. Good luck and remember things are not always as they seem!

The Weekly Edition

Starting tomorrow I will be starting my weekly edition with “The Patriot”. As of right now I am without internet in my home. To make a long story short, I am too cheap and internet is too expensive. So to keep a regular posting I am going to focus right now on doing a weekly post. I believe this will also keep the discussion on some of deeper issues going. I hope with it you find that the quality of my research and writing will increase. This will not however hinder me from posting more, such as awesome cartoons or something great on you tube. Thanks for your patience this past couple of weeks and look forward to many great discussions with you.

Does anybody believe that the current welfare state is actually helping anybody? I just read a stat that would say no. Back in 1950 1 in 12 people were in poverty and the government spent less than 10 billion on welfare. Today 1 and 6 are in poverty and we spend over 300 billion. That is calculating inflation. So I ask again, is welfare really helping people or does it make them a slave? Doesn’t a welfare state create an environment that takes a persons ambition away? I know what you’re thinking, I don’t care about poor people. That isn’t the case. The case I am posing to you is this, “helping people” is not in the job description of the government. I believe that this burden should fall on the family, church, synagogue, mosque, chapel or temple. In a sense it is us to taking care of us, not via the government. We need to start taking a personal look at those around us and start helping each other. Quit waiting for the government, who doesn’t know what your neighbors needs and help them. We need to quit looking for the hand out and be the hand out. That is the change that will help America and those of our neighbors who are in poverty. As my dad would say, we need to be a “community”. THAT is being an American.